Our Story



We have a true passion for capturing life's most precious and amazing moments. We believe that photography is such an important investment because it's truly the only way you will be able to capture and preserve life's most treasured moments, milestones and events. We know that time goes by so incredibly fast and before you know it you find yourself reflecting on days gone by - why not stop time for an instant and remember it for always? in a photograph!


In September 2020 Taylor and her husband Daltan welcomed their baby girl, Daisy,
into the world and she continues to inspire and remind us daily to stop and capture beautiful moments in time - as they really do grow up way too fast!
We look forward to capturing beautiful memories for your family!


Wanda & Taylor



These are a few of OUR favourite things ...

soft texturesWe source the most beautiful, organic stuffers, wraps and props from artisans world-wide. Our natural alpaca and sheep fluff comes all the way from CwtchiCoo in the UK. Our adorable LOVEY collection is from AGK in London, ON. Supporting other small businesses is also important to us :)text layer
first portraitsCapturing newborns' first portraits and those precious first family portraits mean everything to us.

They are only little for such a little while - we are able to stop time in an instant with the click of the shutter.
organic propsOur adorable beds and baskets are always a popular request by parents . We love how they fit our newborns perfectly!
coffeeHot for Wanda and Iced for Taylor.
We always have fresh nespresso coffee available for our new parents - or tea if you prefer.
It may help with the exhaustion :)