Newborn Session Details – What you need to know :)

COVID-19 PROTOCOLS ARE IN PLACE FOR SAFETY!  We take the safety of our clients, their newborns and our own safety very seriously.  We wear masks, wash our hands and ensure that all of our wraps, props, etc. are sanitized between sessions.  Please let us know if you have additional concerns.

WHEN to Book your Newborn Session

If at all possible, please schedule your newborn session as early as possible!  Give us a call or send an email during your first or second trimester to ensure we can fit you into our calendar (we only have room for 8 Newborn Sessions each month).  If we know your due date we can be better prepared and can ensure availability.  We ask that you also contact us a couple of weeks before your due date to ensure you are ‘penciled in’;  we absolutely love being on your “the baby has arrived” list of calls or texts to make soon after you meet your little one. **Please text or email us within 48 hours of delivering your baby** TEXT 905-902-9555. Email

When the Sessions Take Place

The optimal time for newborn photos is within the first 12 days of life (unless your baby has arrived very early and/or needs to spend time in hospital).  We generally shoot newborn sessions between 3-10 days.  Babies tend to do a lot better during the photo session within their first week as it’s easier to move them around into those cute, squishable positions while they are still tiny and soooo sleepy.

Our Newborn Studio 

Our studio is the perfect place for newborn photography – with lots of natural light.  We keep the studio very warm so the newborns feel cozy and comfortable.  We always have a supply of cold water on hand for moms and dads to drink.  It’s definitely best if your baby is sleepy so I ask that you arrive prepared to nurse/feed your newborn.  Feeding and burping your baby right before the session ensures that state of “milk drunkenness” that works so well to make them sleep soundly.   We have a cozy, quiet room adjoined to the studio that is private and perfect for feeding and changing your little one and there is a television to entertain older siblings (and dad).  We also offer coffee and tea and there is a washroom close by for convenience.  Most of the images we shoot turn out so beautiful if the baby is deep in sleep.  Keeping your little one awake while you are probably deprived of sleep yourself might seem impossible, but if you can try to make sure your baby is tired out that usually works best.  If you’d like sibling and family shots we usually get those done at the beginning of the session and if dad or a grandparent can then take the siblings home or to the park etc. it will allow us to finish the session with our focus on the gorgeous newborn images 🙂

In-Home Sessions

We understand that it may not be convenient for you to make it to the studio for your newborn’s first portraits.  We will come to you!  We can bring an assortment of props, hats and wraps to your home for some beautiful, natural, lifestyle portraits of you and your newborn. We do ask that you try and raise the temperature of the room(s) we will be using to ensure your baby stays sleepy.  Let us know if you would prefer to book an in-home newborn session. *An additional fee may apply for in-home sessions.

Props and Wraps

We have an abundance of adorable props, wraps and outfits for newborns and are always on the look out for new ones as the seasons and trends change.  We order these hand-made items from crafters world-wide as well as some local vendors, to ensure they are beautiful, soft and delicate on baby’s newborn skin.  We also encourage you to bring along any outfits, blankets or special props you want included in any of the photos.

Patience really is a virtue – and a necessity!

A typical newborn session can last anywhere from 1-4 hours and all depends on baby’s mood and willingness to sleep. Unfortunately, this isn’t something any of us can predict! It’s important you remain calm if your baby is fussy, and always remember that wide-eyed newborn photos are beautiful, too.  We always allow ample time for newborn sessions so providing you arrive on time for your session we should have enough time to capture some amazing newborn images.

Safety First

We have been photographing newborns for over 9 years now and have learned a lot about the proper and safe handling of infants, newborn temperment, soothing and comforting techniques.  We’ve often been called the baby whisperers and often new parents leave our studio with a few tips and tricks to help them get through those next few days or weeks with their sometimes fussy newborns.  Please know that your baby’s safety is ALWAYS our first priority.  We always make sure your baby is well supported and safely soothed if fussy.  If you can bring along a pacifier and extra breast milk or formula in a bottle this often helps soothe newborns during their session.

Gift Certificates for newborn sessions are a perfect gift for new parents… please keep this in mind as a shower gift or baby gift… it’s a nice “group” gift from work colleagues, too.  We can mail out a beautiful hand-made gift card right to your home or you can pick it up at the studio.  If you add Lemon Love Newborn Portrait Session to your baby registry we can contact one of your gift givers directly and arrange for delivery of the gift card as well.

If you have any questions at all regarding newborn sessions please do not hesitate to call or email us.

~ Wanda & Taylor

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